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The Fishing Harbour

Quai Ernest Franqueville

The first stones were laid in the 15th century on the orders of Louis XI. In the 16th century, whale fishing, and the salt, wine, corn and sailing cloth trades made it one of the busiest harbours. Then the great cod-fishing era took off on the banks of Terre-Neuve. The fish was cured on the boat immediately after being caught, using salt from Olonne. This was then followed by the sardine and tuna fishing eras. A series of works were undertaken in the 18th century to give the fishing harbour the form we see today, with its jetties and quays...
Small-scale fishing harbour
No less than 2 lighthouses and 7 port lights guide sailors into Les Sables d’Olonne harbour. Small-scale fishing harbour ranking 4th nationally for the value of the produce landed (noble fish: sole, sea bass, cuttlefish), 59 boats, 170 sailors/fishermen.


  • Open all year


  • Location of the place
    • on the harbour
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