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Walk of fame

The french Hollywood Boulevard of les Sables d’Olonne : a « Walk of Fame » of the winners.

Promenade : Winners of the Vendée Globe Race

Les Sables d'Olonne has decided to honor its heroes by creating a "Walk of Fame" way Hollywood Boulevard.

All winners are entitled to their bronze plaque on which are listed the boat, his fingerprints, signature, won the edition, the race time and name of the monocoque.

On the promenade 'Le Remblai' of les Sables d'Olonne :

- Place du Tribunal, boat Ecureuil d'Aquitaine II - Titouan Lamazou, Edition 1989/1990.

- Rue de la Tour, boat Bagages Superior - Alain Gautier, Edition 1992/1993.

- Rue du Boulet Rouge, boat Geodis - Christophe Auguin, Edition 1996/1997.

- Promenade Joffre near the tourist Office, boat PRB - Michel Desjoyeaux, Edition 2000/2001.

- Place Navarin,boat PRB - Vincent Riou, Edition 2004/2005.

- Rue Travot, boat FONCIA- Michel Desjoyeaux, Edition 2008/2009.

- Promenade Georges Clemenceau near the Clock, boat MACIF - François Gabart, Edition 2012/2013.

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