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Local specialities

Les Sables d'Olonne are landing daily, based on the fresh, delicious products that we offer the sea...

Fish - seafood

Every day sees, depending on the catch, a new arrival of delicious sea produce in Sables d’Olonne:

  • sea bass (locally referred to as loubine),
  • the so-called sablaise sole (flat oval-shaped fish with a fine, white and firm flesh),
  • the famous Sablaise sardine (fish with a blue- green back and silver belly, best enjoyed fresh, grilled or in oil),
  • as well as many fish (cuttlefish, tuna, hake, red mullet).

Also to be savoured: lobsters, langoustines, «Vendée Atlantique» oysters, shrimps (the grey shrimp is called «bouc», the pink one «bouquet»), winkles, brown crabs and balleresses (crabs), spider crabs.

Seafood... and our earth


Salt is produced by sea water evaporation, in shallow pools, warmed by sunlight in the salt marshes. Unrefined, natural salt has a different taste and aspect according to its mineral content. it is healthy as it is riwch in both magnesium and trace elements.

Discover Salicornia, Salt and Fleur de Sel at the salt merchants! 

La Fleur de Sel

Fleur de sel is created by the joining of 3 elements: sea, wind and sun. it appears on the water’s surface as a thin layer of pure white crystals which forms on the top of salty marshes. Fleur de sel is used as table salt, pinch by pinch, straight into your plate.

Les Fruits de mer

The oyster "Vendée Atlantique"...

Covered marketsfishponds and fishmongers are shown here.


Salicornia is a small fleshy wild plant with leafless stems, found near salt marshes. Prepared and preserved like gherkins, it can be eaten plain and raw or with a vinaigrette as condiment or vegetable.


La Sablaise, the last cannery of the Olonnes land, produces delicious specialities (fish soups, rillettes, marinades, mayonnaise, sauces, sardines, anchovies, cuttlefish, tuna...) with fresh produce from the French fishing industry.

Other specialities from the Vendée

The Brioche, the most famous speciality of the Vendée, and the Gâche.

The Préfou, pieces of bread dough, rubbed with garlic and butter.

The mogette, the Vendée’s name for the white kidney bean.

The Jambon de Vendée, dry-cured ham, rubbed with sea salt, spices & brandy.

The Fion (or marshland flan).

The Mélusine beer produced since 2001 following the trappist monks’ method.

Challans poultry bears the label Rouge. This label guarantees free-range farming, natural feed and a minimum lifespan.

The wines

Wines from the fiefs vendéens of Brem 

The wines from the Fiefs Vendéens of Brem received the AOC label (appellation d’origine controlée) in 2011.

The vineyard was introduced by the Romans who were visiting to buy sea salt. White wines are produced from chenin, chardonnay and grey Grolleau grapes.

The black Gamay, cabernet, Pinot noir and the surprising négrette grapes make up rosé wines when they are simply pressed and red wines when they are fermented in vats.

The white wines are elegant, the rosés fresh and fruity and the reds very generous and silky. all best enjoyed in moderation of course.

Sold by wine-growers of the Ile d’Olonne and Vairé or by wine merchants in town.

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